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Saturday 13 August 2011

The Zookeeper

Finally, a trailer that's a real "teaser." Not that this film is a complex examination of anything beyond our comprehension...

All I could get from the trailer is simply, Kevin James is a Zookeeper and he freaks out when the animals talk. Why do the animals talk? Why are they talking to him? What's the story? Gee, kind of makes me want to know. The synopsis positions it as a love story so I'm sure the animals just help him have more, um... animal magnetism?

As for the concept, what child of a certain generation didn't love Dr. Doolittle? "If I could talk to the animals..." The original Dr. Doolittle with Rex Harrison was fun. Even the ones with Eddie Murphy were entertaining.

Kevin James is a likeable guy. There is nothing really Hollywood about him, other than the fact that he's an actor, of course. He seems like the prototypical side-kick; awkward, both physically and socially, kind of goofy, but sincere and real. As a lead? We'll see. Rosario Dawson is a good actress and she's hot. I'm curious to see their chemistry. Talking animals aren't real, just so you know.

On my brother's birthday I gave him a card. On the cover was a cartoon monkey and the text read: As a special treat on your birthday, I was going to take you to the zoo.

On the inside of the card it read: But I figured if the zoo wants you, they can come and get you.

Yes, this film is low on the originality scale but I'm thinking it might be fun.

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