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Thursday 18 August 2011


Wow, really good trailer. Aside from the story, which appears to be a modern, more realistic version of The Stand by Stephen King, it highlights the little things that we do every day that spread germs. Opening doors, hands on railings, touching our faces or others.... I'm already feeling panicked.

When I say more realistic than The Stand, I just mean that there doesn't appear to be a supernatural force that rises to divide the survivors. Contagion looks pretty bleak and the trailer doesn't give any indication of hope. Nice job trailer maker.

Matt Damon is outstanding, always. We don't see enough of Lawrence Fishburne. I occasionally watch Apocalypse Now and can't get over that a 14 year-old Fishburne plays a 17 year-old soldier. Gwyneth is one of those freaks of nature that does absolutely everything beautifully, with style and grace. Nice job Bruce and Blythe. I wonder if Kate Winslett drops the laundry in this one.

Contagion looks like one of those thrillers that will have a profound effect on its viewers.  Though there have been many movies with this theme over the years,  at least this one doesn't go zombie.  That said, we live in a society where there are hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere and we are told to wash our hands often. I wonder if, with our obsession with hygiene, are we healthier than we were 20 years ago? Do we get less colds or viruses?  Don't get me wrong, I use the sanitizers everywhere I go, but is it like the water craze? We buy tap water that has been re-packaged and sold back to us, don't we? I still drink tap water. I believe, whether true or not, that if you take a little bit of poison every day, you strengthen your immune system. So, if Contagion or The Stand or even I am Legend are an indication of our potential fate, then I'll be one of the survivors.

Wait a minute. I'm not smart, nor scientific, nor a great warrior, nor do I posses any MacGyver skills... Do I want to be alive when all around me are dead? Tough question.

Contagion has great cast and the trailer kept me interested in the outcome. That's enough for me.

Big screen with lots of popcorn and red licorice.

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