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Friday 12 August 2011

The Tree of Life

Love and wonder. Pure joy.  First disappointment.  Experiencing tragedy. Loss of innocence.  Coming of age. Realization.  Disillusionment.  Anger.  Regret. Forgiveness.  This progression would apply to many lives.

I think Brad Pitt is an excellent actor and I always find him entertaining.  Sean Penn is an excellent actor whos off screen persona has tainted my respect for him (I loved his puppet in Team America).  If I could create a top 5 list of people who should just shut up, the list would be:

1) Bono
2) Sean Penn
3) Oprah
4) Rush Limbaugh
5) The NFL

When I saw Sean Penn in 21 Grams - great acting by all in that one - I was so annoyed by how slow and deliberate every scene was, irritated by the fact that the evolution of the story was so obvious that I walked out before it ended.

Watching the trailer for The Tree of Life I certainly identified with both the father and son.  Is this an original story? Well, no.  Will this appeal to everyone? I think more so to people over 30.  Is there enough here to make this film rise above others this year?  I don't know.

What I do think is that the apparent heaviness of this film and what I suspect will be strong, intense acting will make the film hard to watch for some. 

I will go and see this for one reason: I have a young son and maybe I'll learn something.

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