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Wednesday 31 August 2011


Today marks the end of the first month of Beerbohmtastic.  Please keep the emails and comments coming.  I will review any trailer and take requests - for reviews. 

Here are some month end stats:

Movie trailers/synopsis reviewed:    36
Movies viewed in August:                    6                          
Movies reviewed actually viewed:     2
Reader insults:                                      3.5
Feelings hurt:                                        1.25

New blogger observation:  It's easier to judge a book (movie) by it's cover (trailer) than it is to read the book (watch the movie).  I guess that's the point of Beerbohmtastic...

It was suggested that I include links to the trailers and a bit more detail on the films like the director, actors etc.... Thank you for your suggestion, Ron, but if you want more detail just Google it, that's what I do.

My friend, Simon, once said to me, "if you write as good as you talk, nobody reads you..."

Thank you for reading.  

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