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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Final Destination 5

Speaking of franchises...

I saw the first one.  I thought it was interesting.  Can't cheat death.  Isn't that the saying?  Maybe that's why this franchise is so popular.  People die everyday.  Some die in bizarre ways. 

Isn't that coronor the guy from that other franchise, Candyman?  He's creepy. 

That said, does the trailer for each one look pretty much the same?   The laser eye scene (from the trailer) is pretty stupid when the doctor leaves the procedure, leaving the laser fixed on the patient's eye.  As if...

I knew this guy that was having a triple bypass heart surgery.  The procedure can last many hours. The three surgeons decided they were hungry, so they took a break for lunch, leaving the patient on the table.  Well, they ended up having a few pints of beer, forgot about the patient and the patient died.  NOT!

Why didn't death go after Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction when the bullets from the young drug dealer's gun seemed to go right through them?  They walked away unscathed.  Is there a difference between an "Act of God" and "cheating death?"  Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't called Pulp Final Fiction Destination. 

I saw the first Final Destination, so no need for any more.  I may postpone the laser eye surgery, though, just in case. 

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