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Thursday 11 August 2011

The Help

I didn't want to review this movie for no other reason than it looks like a thought-provoking story of triumph while continuing to examine a dark time in American history. Frankly, I didn't want to be disrespectful to the spirit of the film. However....

Why the f**k does the trailer have to give away the whole movie????!!!!! It's so infuriating!!! So, from the trailer we know that she not only gets "the help" to speak to her to expose their conditions, she gets the story, she infuriates the white community, her book is published, she empowers "the help," while sacrificing her standing in the community by doing the right thing, and.....

So the only thing left to see is the process; the details with which she (Skeeter played by Emma Stone) achieves the above-mentioned. So the meat of this film was handed as a two-minute appetizer, while the two-hour filler will be presented, following the cost of admission, as the main course.

That's like paying $50 for bruschetta and $7 for lobster.

It's so disappointing because this really looks like a heart-warming film. It really looks like a triumph of the spirit, yada yada... but the trailer really doesn't need to give it all away.

What kind of time are we living in where movie trailers have to blow their loads in two minutes? If one were to compare movie trailers to teenage boys, they could be described as short attention spanned, unimaginative, disengaged, quick-draw ejaculators. 

Wow, I can't believe I'm so pissed about a movie trailer for a film that could potentially be on the Oscar list. And I like Emma Stone! She was cute in Superbad and great in Zombieland... wait a minute; I'm sensing a pattern....

I will begrudgingly see this one to appease my wife, but not during its first run.


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  1. You're off the hook. I don't want to see it either.