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Thursday 25 August 2011

You Are Here

I was asked to review the trailer for this one.  It's billed as a Meta Detective Story. 

The trailer has the occasional review pop up containing polysyllabic words that I think mean the reviewers liked this film.  Words like (the made up?) "metafictional" and "philosophical" and descriptions like "...a more advanced rumination on the fragility of human consciousness..."

I'm not sure if I got that from the trailer.  What I did get from the 2:36 trailer was an odd journey of sorts. The entire trailer was teaser... nice.  It asked a lot of questions and gave few answers... nice again.  The whole door thing made me thing of The Matrix, the pace and music made me think of Atom Egoyan, and the look and feel was oddly Canadian.

Meta detective story, eh?  Meta has many definitions, a cone or turning post; a female given name, but the one that seems to be the coolest example of meta is “a movie-within-a-movie.”

I never meta concessions stand I didn't like.....

I liked the Matrix.  I like Atom Egoyan.  I love Canada. So, even though it looks odd, for some reason I want to see it.

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