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Thursday 29 March 2012

Wrath of the Titans

While watching the trailer for Wrath of the Titans all I could think of was, what is this awesome music? It took a few seconds until I realized it was a cover of The Eurhythmics, Sweet Dreams.  Who would be so bold as to cover this song so beautifully heavy?  Marilyn Manson, that's who.  Great f**king cover, dude.

So, it looks like we may have our first nominee for the 2013 Beerbohm Awards for Best Music or Song in a trailer.

I had to watch the trailer a second time, but still couldn't focus on the action.  I watched the trailer a third time without the volume and "saw" what the movie was about. 

It's the half man, half god Sam Worthington being put in a position by his dad, Zeus, (who killed his other dad) to have to save the world because only he can.  You know, because dudes like Zeus, all god, aren't as strong as a half-god. And this is obviously the sequel to Clash of the Titans, which was a remake of Clash of the Titans.  I'm not sure if there was a sequel to the original...

What I saw in the trailer, was a lot of fighting and monsters and large rocks and structures breaking from the force of the fighting monsters.

Ralph Fiennes is in this one.  I don't care much for him.  Spider was boring and he was one of the worst casting choices in history as Frances Dolerhyde in Red Dragon.  He was okay in In Bruges.

As stories go, this one is pretty lame and cliché.  As action movies go, it could be fun.  I might see it.

Monday 26 March 2012

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone

A long time ago I was handed a cassette of Truth and Soul, the second Fishbone release.  From the first note of the first song, a cover of Curtis Mayfield's, Freddie's Dead, I was hooked.

While every decade produces good music, great music and total crap, sheer genius appears in one form or another.  Sometimes, though, the genius is too much for the mainstream. 

In the early 1950's, blues music spawned rock and roll.

In the late 1950's ska music quietly spawned reggae.

In 1959 and well into the 1960's Motown spawned R & B, soul and funk.

In the 1970's, over produced rock spawned a rebellion called punk.

In the 1980's a rock/funk/punk/ska movement spread.  Fishbone pioneered the hybrid.

And while I don't know much about the Fishbone behind the scenes story, I've always felt that the music was something special.  I urge everyone to YouTube Fishbone and listen to any song.  From Ugly to Subliminal Facism and Howard Beach Party, to their cool version of The Temptations, Shakey Ground.  This band rocks out with their cocks out ALL THE TIME.

I continued to buy the CDs and listen in awe to their genius, while never understanding why they weren't more popular.  I look forward to seeing Everyday Sunshine to learn more and once again, be inspired by the music of Fishbone.

Saturday 24 March 2012

21 Jump Street

Two things...

1) I never saw the original 21 Jump Street TV show.

2) I think Johnny Depp is one of the greatest living actors and thanks to Jon Thompson, who I follow on Twitter, I know that he makes a cameo in this film.

21 Jump Street stars people with first names such as Channing, Brie, DeRay, Ice and Dax.  I'm not sure why I noted this because it has nothing to do with anything.

While there is nothing really interesting or even funny about the trailer for 21 Jump Street - except that I felt sorry for Jonah Hill because he seems to get hit by cars in everything he does.  I wonder if he does his own stunts.  I know that Jackie Chan does (or did) his own stunts.  I used to love watching the bloopers and out-takes of Jackie Chan movies.  His bloopers and out-takes were often better than his films, but it was always entertaining and worth waiting for.  I wonder how old Jackie Chan is, now?  IMDB says 58.  I bet he can still kick ass.

I wonder if Channing Tatum does his own stunts.  I never find him to be that interesting, but he's getting cast a lot these days.  He kind of reminds of a cross between Sam Worthington and Josh Hartnett.  Whatever happened to Hartnett?  I think I reviewed Bunraku and then tried to watch it.  I say "tried" because I couldn't sit through it.  Despite liking the cast very much (Demi looks pretty awesome for a woman of 50ish), it took me four days to watch an hour of the DVD.  I had to return it and pay a late fee.

I do like Jonah Hill.  He's funny and, up until the trailer for Moneyball (I still haven't seen it, but almost did - please see my review for Dream House to find out why), I thought he was one-dimensional.  He's not.  He's a pretty decent comedic actor.

While I didn't find the trailer for 21 Jump Street interesting or amusing, I kind of think that the actual film will be at least mildly entertaining.  I hope Depp's cameo is worth the cost of admission.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This has been a month of firsts at Beerbohmtastic...

I randomly chose one of the 2+ minute trailers for Jeff Who Lives at Home (there were a few) and within the trailer, film "teasers" were interspersed with the actors and film makers telling me what a great, fresh, human, orginal comedy this is.  I'm not sure if this is brilliant or annoying, but it was like getting the bonus features from the DVD during the trailer.  Not being one who cares much for bonus features, though the wife likes the blooper reel, this left me thinking that, not only was the trailer trying to sell me the movie, but the stars and film makers were too.

Do I believe the makers of instant coffee when they tell me it tastes like fresh brewed?  Do I believe that instant espresso is blasphemy?  Hell, Yeah! Do I build a castle on a swamp because the real estate agent tells me it's prime, investment land?   I might believe a trusted source who says, "you must try this coffee" or "check out this investment opportunity." 

This tactic of having the stars and film makers appear in the trailer is very different from quotes that appear on the screen during a trailer.  You know, like, "A tour de force," ABC News, "A comedic masterpiece," LA Times, "It was good..." Toronto Sun, "I love this f**king movie!" Quentin Tarantino.

I then watched another trailer for Jeff Who Lives at Home and it had none of the "bonus features."  I was glad because you know what? It was a pretty good trailer.

It's a simple story about a 30ish man (Jason, let me show you my penis, Segal) who is trying to find meaning while living in his  mom's basement, while his brother is going through a crisis - buys a Porsche and discovers his wife may be having an affair.  Susan Saranden plays the mother.  She's such a great actress.  It's funny to think that she got her start way back in the 70s with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Though it seemed a little like a smarter version of Our Idiot Brother, there also seemed to be a certain substance to this film.

Sometimes what seems like an unoriginal story or just a forum for an actor to act like a goof, turns out to surprise you.  The trailer for this one, the one without the sales pitch, actually made me want to see the film.  That's what a trailer is supposed to do, is it not?  Nice job.


Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Many years ago I wrote a play.  It was a sort of science fiction version of the Samuel Beckett classic, Waiting for Godot.  The only real similarity was the "waiting" part.

I submitted it as a screenplay to a sci-fi network and they told me in a letter that the "distopian" society theme was getting kind of tired.  I took it to mean that classic stories such as Orwell's, 1984, Huxley's, Brave New World and a slew of movies from Metropolis (1927) to Soylent Green (1973) to Brazil (1985 - one of my all time favourites) to the Matrix to now, weren't that interesting in modern times and were "tired?"  I realized that the network's comments had less to do with the distopiate theme and more to do with the fact that my screenplay was crap.  They were nice about it, which I appreciated.

The Hunger Games is an interesting take on the theme.  It made me think of a cross between Orwell's 1984, Richard Bachman/Stephen King's, The Running Man (which was made into a movie with Arnold Swartzenegger) and the classic Shirley Jackson short story, The Lottery.  These disptopian stories (that's the last time in this review I'll use that word) are classics and frankly, smart to borrow from.

For some reason the trailer for The Hunger Games also made me think of that silly winter Olympic triathlon where you have to cross-country ski and shoot something and, what's the third part, skin the animal you've shot?  No wait, triathlon is running, swimming and uni-cycling.  No, wait, it's BI-athlon, which means no skinning...

Speaking of two sports, I used to play soccer and baseball.  Now I just do hot yoga.  They sometimes call it Bikram, but apparently whenever you call it Bikram, Yogi Bikram wants $12.00 US.  (I now owe him $36.00). Everything is about the almighty dollar, I guess.  Speaking of the almighty dollar...

Holy, this movie is poised to break some box office records. It's based on a very successful trilogy, for young adults, written by Suzanne Collins.  The hype is incredible.

To be honest, it looks very entertaining. The only shitty thing - and not from the trailer -  is that we know from the trilogy (I didn't read it, but I read the synopsis on wikipedia) Katniss (the main character) makes it to the third book. So, I guess that means two more films. 

I liked what I saw in the trailer.  It was very well done.  I'll likely see this one, soon.

Monday 19 March 2012

Being Flynn

Another first at Beerbohmtastic... a 2:26 trailer that didn't seem too long?  Actually, it didn't seem long enough!  And, potentially a 2013 Beerbohm Award nominee for Best Trailer. 

Why is Robert De Niro completely believable in every role?  With every role he takes on, he shows more and more why he is one of the greatest actors of our time. In Being Flynn, he is gentle, articulate, compelling, and very convincing in his "madness." He even says "all poets are mad."   It's funny because in certain roles, De Niro is not often what I would have pictured, but he never seems to disappoint. I love this guy - he's an icon.

Paul Dano was in a few things that I'd seen, including Little Miss Sunshine, which is one of the few films that I actually own (wife bought it, but still...). I like his intensity.

While Julianne Moore will always be Maude Lebowski to me, there is no doubt that she is a talented actress that likes to drop the laundry on occasion. That's good enough for me.

Being Flynn is the "true story" of a young man in search of self, having lost his father to absenteeism through artist's madness and losing his mother to untimely death.  From the trailer, we see the young man learning about his father through his father's writing and, despite the sense of loss, wanting to be a writer, too.  As an adult, his journey leads him to a homeless shelter where he is, in a way, reunited with his father. 

Any father/son making peace story is difficult to watch. I try to avoid them. The last scene of Field of Dreams when Costner has a "catch" with his dead father turns the fountain on for me every time. It's the only movie I ever cried at the end of. The final sequence of Big Fish, though I only got choked up, was a close second. There are few things more embarrassing to me than watching a man cry during or after a movie or being that man crying.

There is so much about Being Flynn that looks promising.  I know that the wife will want to see this, likely together.  I only hope that there is no embarrassment involved, niether mine nor anyone else in the cinema.

Friday 16 March 2012

A Thousand Words

I think I actually smiled when the trailer for A Thousand Words ended.  I didn't smile because it was over - I know, I've been exceptionally critical lately.  Today, someone actually called me a curmudgeon, which made me cry and then they called me a crybaby...  I smiled at the trailer because the concept for the film seemed, dare I say it?  Fresh.   I think the fact that this trailer was only 1:31 enabled it to be fresh, as this is usually the point where a trailer starts to give away too much. 

A Thousand Words is the story of a slick, deceitful book publisher (Eddie Murphy) who seems to lie his way through even the most mundane situations - like waiting in line for coffee at the local Sixbucks.. I mean Starbucks.  When he goes too far and lies to some yoga, spiritual guru type about getting a book published, everything changes.  The spiritual guru type puts a sort of curse on Eddie - while this is not in the yogi spirit, it will certainly highlight a point.  That point?

According to the guru yogi guy, "our words have a profound effect on the universe."  And clearly Eddie's have had a profoundly negative effect.

So, the guru yogi guy somehow summons a tree on Eddie property.  He tells Eddie that he and the tree are connected.  Whenever Eddie speaks, leaves fall off the tree.  And the question is asked, "what happens when a tree loses all of it's leaves?" 

Now Eddie has about 1000 words left before apparent death so he must choose his words wisely.

It was really fun to watch Eddie Murphy in this trailer.  That manic, quick tongued Eddie in the first part of the trailer, followed by some great slapstick, physical comedy, was reminiscent of Eddie of old.

There is no doubt that Eddie is a talent.  To be honest, though, I think the last movie I saw him in was Bowfinger.  I didn't see any of the Shrek movies... not because of Eddie, though.  I think I missed them because, even though I like Mike Myers, rehashing of the Scottish accent (the dad in So I Married an Axe Murderer, Fat Bastard in the Austen Powers movies and Shrek) got kind of tired for me.  Mike is still a super talent, don't get me wrong.  Anyhow, I absolutely loved Bowfinger.

Even though the outcome of A Thousand Words seems pretty obvious, the perfect-length trailer, and watching some good old Eddie Murphy comedy, confirmed that I will likely see this one soon.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

VIEWED: War Horse

A funny thing happened on the way to seeing Contraband at the Rainbow Cinema $2 Tuesdays during March break.  Aside from all the kids running around and the place being packed, Contraband was sold out.  The only movie with available seating was War Horse.  I almost made the wife return the tickets she bought while I was parking the car.

My recommendation for this one was...

"I hear horses are kind of dumb and that we give them too much credit. I'm kind of dumb, too, but not enough credit."

So, War Horse is like a series of connected vignettes strung together by a boy's love for a special horse.  The horse, Joey, touches everyone (everyone with a heart, that is) he crosses paths with.

Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a slow moving story of triumph that manipulates emotions but is supposed to leave you feeling good in the end. 

War Horse was a decent movie and I can see how it was nominated for a best picture Oscar. The best part of it for me, however, was just before the drawn out end sequence the wife said, "let's get out of here."

Please note:  The views of the wife do not necessarily reflect the views of Beerbohmtastic

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

And the first nominee for the 2013 Beerbohm Award for Worst Spoiler Trailer is.... this one.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen has all the elements of a quirky, fun, heart-felt and heart-warming story.  It has an exotic destination.  Personal conflict. A government trying to exploit something good to cover up something bad, only to discover the good is really good. There's an Arab Sheik who doesn't embody the movie stereotype - he's a decent person who cares about his people (you know, like most of us).  There's an example of different people from different cultures rallying together for a good cause. There's humour and even a love story.  And, there's Ewan McGregor.

Is this guy one of the most underrated actors of our time?  He has made some decent films and has made some mediocre films better just because of his acting ability.  And, c'mon, was he not priceless in Big Fish?

For the first minute or so of this trailer I'm thinking, wow, this is a sort of original idea in the spirit of The Milagro Beanfield War.  And then, BAM!  The trailer gives away everything in the next minute.  This trailer could even surpass The Help as all-time (7 months of Beerbohmtastic) worst spoiler trailer ever.

So here's what the trailer tells us:  Pretty lady approaches stuffy fisheries beaurocrat (Ewan) to discuss shipping salmon to Yemen because a Sheik feels that sport fishing would be a good thing for his people.  Stuffy beaurocrat thinks it's a dumb idea.  This in itself is a funny and quirky concept with a sincere purpose.  Meanwhile back at British intellegence there's a major screw up by the military in the middle east and intellegence needs a "feel good" story to latch onto in order to create a diversion.  Typical public relations crap, but believable.   So the government catches wind of the salmon story and forces stuffy beaurocrat (and pretty lady) to make it happen. 

Stuffy Ewan meets Sheik and is moved by the goodwill of providing "hope" for his people.  Ewan and pretty lady team up to make it happen.  They fall in love (they are actually shown holding hands in the trailer).  The salmon are delivered (we also see this in the trailer).  And everybody is happy and appears to get what they want.

The only mystery will be what obstacles they have to overcome because we already know that they were successful - at least that's what the trailer implies.

When I reviewed the trailer for The Help I said,

"So the meat of this film was handed as a two-minute appetizer, while the two-hour filler will be presented, following the cost of admission, as the main course.   That's like paying $50 for bruschetta and $7 for lobster."

Only this time it's $7 for salmon.

This is likely a date night movie, but not my choice.

Friday 9 March 2012

VIEWED: Safe House

My recommendation for this one was...

"I doubt Safe House will wow me, but it may keep me entertained as I chow down on popcorn and other overpriced cinema treats, while I stare down at my lack of abs. And, if Ryan Reynolds can avoid being Ryan Reynolds and show more acting ability than skin, Safe House may even surprise me..."

Well, while I wasn't surprised by the film, Denzil is always good, the action was okay and the story was typical conspiracy cliché, I was surprised by Ryan Reynolds.  As annoying as he usually is, he was very good in this role and, I hate to admit it, but he actually showed more acting ability than skin.  I will now stop slamming you, Ryan.  Nice job, dude.

Thursday 8 March 2012

John Carter

I hadn't heard anything about John Carter until I had lunch yesterday with a good friend who told me about it and that it's based on the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs - creator of Tarzan.  Thanks, MB.

Since yesterday, I've come across trailers and reviews and forums, all by accident - except for the trailer, which is the point of this blog...

My first thought before viewing the trailer and doing some homework was: this was written by Burroughs in the 1930's.  It was a series called, John Carter of Mars.  At the time, it was likely considered original, bringing together uncommon themes like westerns and science fiction.  During the process, the recent film Cowboys and Aliens popped into my head.  Did Favreau read, John Carter on Mars?  Favreau is a smart guy, I'll bet he did.

My second thought was: will what was original in the 1930's be fresh and exciting today?  That's really the key, isn't it? Well, watching the trailer for John Carter was like watching the trailer for 300 or Immortals or Clash of the Titans, with a slight Stargate (the original film, not the TV show) feel... so, not really fresh.

That said, this is a Disney film.  To me, Disney means big budget, lots of special effects and a story that is more family friendly - that said, Disney also made Something Wicked This Way Comes and it scared the hell out of me... and, wait a minute, Bambi's mom dies in the beginning of the movie.  The fox from The Fox and the Hound is orphaned.  The cats from the Aristocats are homeless.  Olivia's dad is kidnapped by the evil Rattagan in The Great Mouse Detective.  Geez, there's a whole whack of manipulation here...  forget the latter and let's focus on the special effects.

Yep, looks to be many special effects.  I like special effects.  Special effects, good.

John Carter is about John Carter, a civil war vet, cowboy, who wakes up on Mars in the middle of another civil war.  He's the hero and wins the war for the good guys.  Americans are tough that way.

Mark Strong is in this one.  I think Mark Strong is the bad guy.  He's always a bad guy, except in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (please see my review).  I was wrong about that one.

John Carter is like a cowboy version of Conan the Barbarian fighting with Martians that sort of fit the Martian stereotype because they are green, though the princess looks human, fighting against Mark Strong and not-so Martian looking creatures, except for the monsters and the flying machines.  And John Carter can somehow fly, sort of - maybe that's how he single-handedly won the civil war. There are sci-fi weapons and swords and Roman style arenas where gladiators fight other monsters and there are motivational speeches where armies cheer and some characters look like Jar Jar Binks, but green, from Star Wars Episode One.  Whew, there seems to be too much to keep track of when I just want to be manipulated and entertained by special effects.

I will likely see this out of curiosity. 

Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Lorax

The assumption for this is that we all know the score
And is overshadowed by glitz and glamour and more
I had to Google to refresh my remembering
Of the Lorax from childhood who tried to stop us from "timber" ing

But the trailer brought back the love of Dr. Suess
who gives us wuzzles and fuzzles and feffer-feffs and moose
who opens our minds and our hearts with new verse
and embraces us with laughter, confusion and bursts

Of things that are wildly and beautifully off-centre
he acts as a teacher, a friend and a mentor
where imagination is something shared by all
for all of our creatures, no matter how small

And then there's DeVito, oh Danny, my friend
who will continue to entertain and amuse 'till the end
with voice and presence much bigger than his frame
his accomplishments and stature well beyond just his name

But trailer for this, the Lorax, you see
Is colourful, bouncy, too shiny for me
A message is sent, in the trailer not clear
and left me wanting not popcorn, but beer

Not all know the message of the Lorax here-in
where environmental - ism must surely begin
to plant a tree from each one that is torn
to replenish the forest so another is born

I know I will see it but when, I'm not certain
perhaps when my son opens the four-year-old curtain
but Suess in his brilliance makes us not want to grow-up
and I hope that the film makers don't f**k this one up


My recommendation for this one was:

"While the movie may not do the sport of Hockey justice, I might see this because I like Hockey and it looks like a harmless laugh."

Yes, the film was a harmless laugh.  If you like hockey or sports movies, and this is no different than any other underdog sports story, then this is 1 hr. and 20 minutes that are not completely wasted.  Sean William Scott played the lead character perfectly, so much so that he didn't really need to do much.  A nice change from his usual smart-ass roles. The rest of the cast were good, too, and Liev's "Canadian" accent was hilarious, eh?"

There were some laugh-out-loud moments and it was entertaining enough.  Combined with all the red licorice I ate watching, I found Goon to be light and mildly satisfying.   


Monday 5 March 2012

VIEWED (by the wife): The Change Up

My trailer recommendations was:

"Yet another body swapping film. Seriously?  I can't keep track of how many of these have been made over the years.  Maybe the makers of this film can make a film about Woody Allen's mythical creature, the Roe.  It has the head of a lion and the body of a lion, but not the same lion.

As much as I like Bateman, there is nothing appealing to me about Ryan Reynolds acting like, well, Ryan Reynolds.  He’s a terrible actor with physical charm (can't take that away from him) and an annoying voice. 


The wife watched this one on the weekend.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Stupid."  She responded. 

Please note: The views of the wife do not necessarily reflect the views of Beerbohmtastic.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Here are your 2012 Beerbohm Award Winners!

The Beerbohm Awards are Oscars for movie trailers. In the 2 or so minutes it takes to watch a trailer, a major decision is made. The decision whether or not to see a film and to, really, support the work of the film making team. This puts much weight on the trailer.

In the 7 months that Beerbohmtastic has been reviewing movie trailers, I have made observations that I'm sure many others have as well. Some trailers are just too long. Some give away so much that there is almost no point in seeing the film - there's a Beerbohm Award for that. Some are so misleading that, good or bad, they don't do the film justice - there's a Beerbohm Award for that, too. Still, some trailers are really good and some are just plain bad - two more Beerbohm Award categories.

I'd like thank those who sent in nominations, and thanks also to those who send in comments and suggestions. And thank you to all who read the blog. I very much appreciate you taking the time to pop in for a quick review and, hopefully, some amusement.

The winners are selected by a panel (the wife) and viewer comments and suggestions. The only criteria is that I had to have viewed and/or reviewed the trailer. For 2013, I'm looking for corporate sponsors or a good animator to produce an actual awards show, whether live action or animated. If you're interested, let's talk.

So, without further doo doo (thanks Cap'n'Dave), here are the winners of the 2012 (Inaugural) Beerbohm Awards for Movie Trailers:


The Best Trailer Award is given to the trailer which truly teases, entertains and leaves the viewer wanting more.

The nominees for best trailer are:

Red State

Apollo 18

The Descendants


The Debt

And the Beerbohm Award winner for Best Trailer is:


It brilliantly created a false sense of what this film really was and continued to shock, weaving in comic relief, while leaving the viewer in a state of awe... a red state, perhaps?
And the movie was great, too.



The Worst Trailer Award is given to the trailer that left the viewer (me) annoyed,
so much so that it had to be reviewed and not let off the hook easily by dumping it in the trailer park.

The nominees for worst trailer are:


A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D

Jack and Jill

Shark Night 3D

This Means War

And the Beerbohm Award winner for Worst Trailer is:


Fresh water sharks with..um..metaphorical laser beams on their heads...

Congratulations, I guess.


The Most Misleading Trailer goes to the trailer that misrepresented the film.
It applies to either a good trailer for a bad film or bad trailer for a good film.

The nominees for the most misleading trailer are:


The Grey

Dream House

Reel Steel


And the Beerbohm Award winner for Most Misleading Trailer is:


This trailer had all the makings of a brilliant, character-driven, multi-layered, Whose Afraid of Virgina Woolfe-ish conflict. It has a great cast and is directed by Roman Polanski. Though I'd heard that the play was excellent, the movie failed completely on all levels and was a waste of a talented cast and a waste of my time.  (This Beerbohm goes to a good trailer for a bad film).

Congratulations, I guess.


The Worst Spoiler Trailer goes to the trailer that gives so much away
that there was no point seeing the movie (even though I may have).

The nominees for the worst spoiler trailer are:

The Help


Straw Dogs

Monte Carlo

The Whistleblower

Final Destination 5

And the Beerbohm Award winner for Worst Spoiler Trailer is:


This trailer gave away the entire story and left very little else. While, at the time of the review, I did acknowledge my respect for the actual story and even suggested that it would likely be Oscar worthy, the trailer was the worst spoiler trailer of the year. While the wife enjoyed the film, I couldn't bring myself view it.

Congratulations, I guess.


The Best Music in a Trailer goes to the trailer with either the best overall music or song.

The nominees for the best music in a trailer are:

Queen Bitch by David Bowie (Young Adult trailer)

The Immigrant Song, performed by Trent Reznor (The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - 2011, trailer - David Fincher version)

No Church in the Wild, performed by Jay-Z and Kanye West (Safe House trailer)

And the Beerbohm Award for Best Music or Song in a Trailer is:

The Immigrant Song, performed by Trent Reznor (The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - 2011, trailer - David Fincher version)

While the other trailer for this film merely showed how close the film was to the original,
the David Fincher trailer literally, rocked. Perfect choice of music.



The Best One-Liner in a trailer is the line, or words, spoken within the context of the 2 minute trailer that stand out to the point of being memorable... not an easy feat.

And the nominess for Best One-Liner in a Trailer are...

Snow White and the Huntsman:
It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair...
but now their cries give me strength.
Spoken by Charlize Theron

Conan the Barbarian:
I live, I love, I slay... I am content
Spoken by Jason Momoa

Red State:
I think it's the use of the word 'repeat' that makes this work, everytime
Spoken by Kevin Pollack

A tumor? Me? That doesn't make sense. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I recycle.
Spoken by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Avengers:
If we can't protect the earth, you can be damn sure we'll avenge it.
Spoken by Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)

And the Beerbohm Award winner for Best One-Liner in a Trailer is:

Conan the Barbarian:

I live, I love, I slay... I am content
Spoken by Jason Momoa

No words could be more true to the spirit of the character and the film, and make you laugh.


Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

Please email your nominations for 2013 to beerbohmtastic@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!