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Thursday 13 March 2014


My trailer review for Spike Lee's version of Oldboy said...

"I was worried that there would be clues to the twisted levels of revenge in the Spike Lee trailer for Oldboy and during the third viewing watched closely for the spoilers.  Fortunately, there was nothing blatant, though I had heard that there is one trailer out there that does actually spoil it.  I hope it isn't true. Spoilers in the trailer would completely take away the "holy shit" and "oh no" moments in this film.

Oh Spike. I want to love this movie but I also want to hate this movie. My curiosity will likely draw me to it the day it opens.  So, I ask again...

Do you think you can do it justice, Spike? Well? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?"

The short answer is: no.

While it took a while to finally watch this film - frankly it disappeared from the cinemas faster than I could Google where it was playing... seriously.  Not a good sign.

Since I don't physically rent movies - not since the fall of Blockbuster - I didn't know where to see it.  Then, last week it was on CinemaNow.

While the cast was very good and Josh Brolin was outstanding... really.  He was on par with Choi Min-Sik in the original.  Unfortunately, Spike's interpretation fell short.  The story and disturbing subject matter where pretty much the same (albeit watered down), but it didn't have the same impact. A weak delivery, I suppose.

I watched it wanting to like it because I liked the original so much and I have much respect for Spike Lee and how he communicates to the audience through his films.

Sadly, watching Spike's version of Oldboy was like going on a blind date hoping your date wouldn't be too unattractive.  When you see your date you think, hmmm, not so bad maybe we could at least have sex.  So you try to enjoy the evening but in the process you feel like something is missing.  Maybe it's substance. Maybe it's creativity or maybe it should never have happened because there is no connection.

I really think this remake should never have happened.