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Tuesday 7 January 2020


Cats.  Seriously?  A movie? When I was younger, so much younger than today... Cats was a long-running famous Broadway play.. But now those days are gone I'm not really quite sure... Why anyone would make a movie about this useless purr...

If I'm annoyed enough to review a trailer. Maybe I'm annoyed enough to blog again... Hmm.  Between kids hockey, folding laundry and watching UFC Fight Pass, I'm actually glad that I have the energy to be annoyed by a movie trailer.

So for two minutes and twenty-four seconds people dressed as cats are singing and dancing.  Have you ever heard a real cat singing? It's fucking annoying.  Cats don't run on emotion they run on instinct.  They are narcissistic killers. Cats are not loyal, rather they meet their own needs and are only loyal to the ones who feed them as long as they are being fed.

We just rescued some kittens who were abandoned.  We nursed them to health and gave some away, keeping one.  Cats are destructive and self-absorbed.  It doesn't matter how many times I spray the kitten with water for shitting in the plants, she still does it.

We're giving her to my mom who doesn't have plants.

So, Cats, the movie... the trailer.  I never saw the play but the sarcastic response to anything used to be "it's much better than Cats."  Which means Cats has been an ongoing joke up until people forgot about it.  And how insulting to the likes of Andrew Lloyd Weber, who I have no patience for and T.S. Eliot who I studied and loved, to make a stupid movie with great actors giving cats human qualities while still trying to be cats.

The trailer doesn't even have a clear story line.  So, why should  I care?  I don't.

I will not see this film.  I will not take me kids to see the film.  I will not accompany the wife if she chooses to see this film.  I will likely never have a cat as a pet again.

I'm done.