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Tuesday 1 March 2016

And the winner is...

This was a difficult choice because all trailers were effective in their own way.  They all set a tone and created a mood that, one hopes, is in the spirit of the film.  Having viewed five of the eight Oscar nominated films (reviews to be posted when I'm back from holidays next week) I can tell you that most of my trailer reviews were accurate, especially where the spoilers were and which went on too long.  However, for the most part this years nominees were an entertaining group.

That said, in the end their can be only one and one captured the spirit of the film and left me breathless and wanting more.... yeah, I didn't listen to the wife this time.

And the 2016 Beerbohm Award for Best Trailer goes to....


Here's the review...

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #4: Mad Max: Fury Road

What makes a film franchise? Is it the story? Is it the central character(s)? Is it the creator? Is it safe to say that all movies related to The Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man, are all part of the franchise?  Short answer is, yes.

In the case of Mad Max: Fury Road, it has to be George Miller.  Especially with the absence of Mel Gibson.  My buddies were sceptical about a Mad Max without Gibson, even though it's just another reboot.  But the ace in the hole here is that it's a reboot by George Miller.

Holy crap, what a trailer.  It seemed to be cut like the originals (my favourite is Road Warrior), and it was a ride you couldn't escape from.  The trailer smacked me to attention and I spent the next 2:31 trying to catch my breath.

The trailer tells the story of Max, a hunted, haunted citizen of George Miller's post apocalyptic vision of Australia after a rugby tournament.  Evil warlord goes after his kidnapped/taken/escaped harem and somehow hunted haunted Max is caught in the middle and brilliant Charlize Theron drives a big truck.  The evil warlord is scary and menacing, the albino soldiers are freaky, the harem is hot, the stunts are not computer generated (from what I've heard) and the pace is light speed. And the best part is that when the trailer ended I had a huge smile on my face.

What an awesome trailer!