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Friday 26 August 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I don't know much about Guillermo Del Toro other than I loved Hellboy.  That whole Nazi, occult supernatural stuff was a theme in one of my favourite FPS (first person shooter games), Return to Castle Wolfenstein, where I completely kicked ass. 

Who didn't love Guy Pearce in Memento and who didn't hate his character in L.A. Confidential?  I think he's a pretty solid actor.  The worst part of Batman Begins, and I loved Batman Begins, was Katie Holmes.  I found her to be dry and flat.  Haven't seen much of her, but I loved Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder... did I mention that already in another review?

So, the trailer...

Family acquires old, run-down mansion and has plans to restore it only to discover that it's haunted.  Withdrawn child, new step mom, dad trying to do best for family…hmm...nothing new here.  I think this is a remake/update of a film by the same name from 1973.  The synopis are similar and the title... I'm a frikkin genius...  Didn't see the original so not sure if the old, "better to remake a crap movie than butcher a good one by remaking it"  applies.

That said, you've got to believe that Del Toro will give this film something beyond the obvious.  What could that be?  Well if it was obvious than it would be obvious...

Will try to get to this one at the Rainbow or at least rent it.

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