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Tuesday 16 August 2011

The Whistleblower

The first 1:20 minutes of the trailer are very good.  The last 30 seconds give too much away -YET AGAIN!  WHO PUTS THESE SPOILER TRAILERS TOGETHER?  YOU ARE AS SKILLED AS A CERTIFIED METEOROLOGIST!


I worked for a branch of Immigration during the crisis in the former Yugoslavia.  I interviewed Serbians, Bosnians and Croatians on the job and, while assessing their English language proficiency, listened to the different perspectives of people living in a crumbling society.  The people that I met, for the most part, were highly skilled and educated and had no choice but to flee their normal lives when the country began to fall apart. 

In the Whistleblower trailer we see once again how chaos flourishes when order crumbles.  The chaos most often takes the form of corruption. 

Rachel Wiesz and Monica Bellucci are beautiful and smart.  Monica was smokin' hot in a film called "Brotherhood of the Wolf."  I heard she's married to Vincent Cassel, that French actor who always plays an arrogent Frenchman on film.  Imagine getting paid to play yourself?  OMG, that's the premise of all those reality TV shows.  I am so dumb!  I get it.  The only Question left is: who cares?  Obviously many....

The Whistleblower looks like a very entertaining film. And if it's based on actual events, it would make it both entertaining and disturbing.  It seems like the United States (and I'm not a hater) paints many with the corruption brush and after the statute of limitations expires, we learn from books and film "based on actual events" that it is often American corruption behind it all. 

As Lord Acton said in 1887, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Yes, I will pay to see this film.

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