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Monday 22 August 2011

Fright Night

The Trailer should have stopped before the 2 minute mark.  Once again, the last 30 seconds of the trailer wasn't necessary. Are we so unimaginative that we need to see all but the final outcome from a trailer?

I often have discussions with people about how over use of social media seems to negatively affect face to face social skills or what we used to call inter-personal skills.  I wonder if (what I've been calling) anti-social media has anything to do with what appears to be a decline in basic human courtesies.  I guess it's not that people don't care, it's just that they don't know that on-line and off-line behaviour are different... hmm... may be on to something.  I must be getting old.

After a few roles that showcased Colin Farrell's acting ability and a nice change from Horrible Bosses (though I still only saw the movie poster), in Fright Night he gets to play what he was once infamous for: A true bad boy.  Welcome back.

I really like Anton Yelchin.  I loved him as Bird in the Huff series.  Toni Collette is a true professional and always great in whatever role she takes on. 

And welcome back to the screen McLovin.  It is great to see you there again.  I loved Superbad.  I hope you continue to be the nerdy sidekick in many movies.  Maybe you can be the sidekick/brother in the upcoming remake of Rain Man...  This is how rumors get started, that is if anyone actually reads this blog.
After all that said, we have another remake of a film that I saw as a kid...  Someone once said to me that it's better to remake a mediocre movie well than to butcher a classic by remaking it.  I think this applies here.

Watching the trailer, I couldn't help but feel that it resembled Disturbia, which was just a knock-off of Hitchcock's Rear Window. 

Aside from the spoilers, and despite my crusty nature, this looks like a fun update on the original Fright Night.

I will see it, possibly first run. 

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