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Wednesday 24 August 2011


Last month, while going through some plastic bins in my shed, I found two trophies I won go-karting.  One was for a disappointing 3rd place finish and the other a more disappointing 2nd place finish.  The second place should have been a 1st place except I lost points when, annoyed by a slower vehicle, I removed him from my path by tapping his rear tire with my front and spinning him out.  They said I pulled a "Prost." That penalty dropped me to second.

I dusted them off, brought them into the house and gave them a polish.  My wife said that I would not be keeping them in the house.  I told her I had no intention of displaying them at home and would be taking them to my office where they are now proudly displayed.

I love cars and I love racing.  All kinds.  I remember Ayrton Senna and remember when he died.  It was quite a shock to the racing world, not only because of his driving success but because of the man he was.  I also remember disliking Alain Prost.  Prost was an excellent driver, but arrogant and he seemed jealous of Senna.

The trailer for this movie/documentary has a great look and feel.  Senna is a genuine tribute to a racing legend.  I know, without a doubt, that I will thoroughly enjoy watching it.

Big screen and I'll probably own it.

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