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Saturday 20 August 2011


Oh, my.  I was actually moved by this trailer.  I was moved by a Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg production.  Seth and Evan write and/or produce some really funny stuff.  There is funny stuff here.  But so much more. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a really good actor.  He is always real and believable and his rise as an actor will continue (Oscar someday.  Maybe even for this one).

When is Seth Rogan not Seth Rogan?  He suits his roles and even as a lead plays the goofy sidekick.  Rogan even made Britt Reid a goofy sidekick.... more on that in an upcoming Beerbohmtastic feature.  The thing about Rogan, Green Hornet excluded, is that he never seems out of place, even though he is always Seth Rogan.  That, in itself, is very smart.  Smart in the same way Kevin Spacey always takes on roles where he's the smartest guy on screen. 

50/50 is some serious subject matter.  Rogan has taken it upon himself to be friend, cheerleader and comic relief to his friend who has been diagnosed with cancer.  This is not an easy role.  Anyone who has been touched by cancer (it took my father and close friend's wife) knows how difficult it is to, not only talk about with the person who has been diagnosed, but actually help lighten the burden.  Imagine how difficult it is to look in the face of someone you love and know they could die soon.

This film looks like it will touch many emotions.  I can't say anything negative or goofy until I've seen it.

 If 50/50 is half as moving as the trailer looks, then I would say it's a must see.

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