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Monday 22 August 2011

Blow Up (1966)

A very close friend leads a monthly movie night called edible cinema.  Each month a different host  picks a film and a meal to go with the film.  I am almost always invited, but have not been able to attend, yet.  So, my contribution this month is to review this film in my usual way.

The trailer begins with the words, "sometimes reality is the strangest fantasy of all..." and "...in Michelangelo Antonioni's first English language film..."

What a cool trailer! It's fast paced, filled with model's in motion and still shots of skinny 60's people posing.  That's it!  There is no indication of what this film is about other than the feeling that it will be really cool to look at (watch).  It's billed as a Drama/Mystery/Thriller.  Watching the trailer was like watching a 58 second piece of art. 

Here is Ron's description from the email invitation, "Blow Up is a deconstruction of Italian Neo-realism .  I was called on the carpet for excessive post-modern pretentiousness [that sentence refers to me busting his chops for his description of The Bicycle Thief], so I'll just say that in Blow-Up, director Michelangelo Antonioni has a jolly time making a flick in London and taking the piss out of his Italian mates."

Bravo, Ron.  Bravo, Trailer.

Enjoy the film, my friends.  I might be able to make it this time.

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  1. There's no check box for, "yes, I'll be there," but it was cool. Hope you can make it buddy.