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Monday 8 August 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

I love the cast. Gosling is a fantastic, versitile actor. Carell is hilarious. Julianne Moore will always be Maude Lebowsky to me - and that's a good thing. Emma Stone is very good and I will always have a crush on Marisa Tomei.

But I only have five words, Crazy Stupid Same Old Story. Isn’t every Harlequin Romance about the ladies’ man that can only be tamed by one woman AND didn’t Steve Carell already get a makeover in 40 year old virgin?

Come on people... even taking two common themes and throwing them together was done by the Animaniacs... they called it Animaniacs stew. I prefer bad original movies to fluffed up unoriginal movies.
I'll rent this one.

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