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Friday 26 October 2012


My trailer review for Safe said:

I like it!

If you can see Jason Statham, he can see you. If you can't see Jason Statham you may be only seconds away from death.  Who doesn't think Jason Statham is the new Chuck Norris? Think before you answer...

I am definitely seeing this film, soon.

Jason Statham IS the new Chuck Norris. 

In Safe, Jason Statham does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure.  Jason Statham goes killing.

In Safe, when the Russian and Chinese mobs go to sleep at night, they check their closets for Jason Statham.

In Safe, Jason Statham doesn't call the wrong number, they answer the wrong phone.

In Safe, the ghosts of dead mobsters sit around the campfire and tell Jason Statham stories.

In Safe, cops pull over Jason Statham and they were very lucky to leave with just a warning.

In Safe, Jason Statham cuts through a hot knife with butter.

In Safe, Jason Statham slams a revolving door.

Safe wasn't a great movie but Jason Statham confirms that he is the new Chuck Norris and that is f**king AWESOME!

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