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Thursday 4 October 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

It's really difficult to review a trailer of a franchise that you love because when you love something it's hard to see flaws.  That's not the case here, sort of.

When I was a kid, Batman stood out because he was a smart guy who knew how to use technology - or the technology of his time - to become super.  He had to work at it, too.  He wasn't a superman to begin with.  The only thing he had going for him was his wealth and the dark chip on his shoulder, which was a result of his pain and loss.  Lethal combination.

So, he worked at it.  He learned to fight and to combine his skills with clever devices to make himself a superhero.  To me as a boy, he was a symbol of what anyone could aspire to...  I guess that's kind of the point of Batman -  and so much more.

In my opinion, Tim Burton has made some really good films.  One of my all time favourite, heartfelt films is Big Fish.  While that father-son shit gets me every time, it entertained the hell out me in Big Fish. Props to Mr. Burton.

Also in my opinion, Tim Burton's vision of Batman was like a self-absorbed blind man painting a self-portrait:    maybe brilliant conceptually, but not true to the art.

Let's face it the commercialised Batman franchise (Burton included) leaves a lot to be desired.  The Dark Knight animated series was more for purists.  Thank you Christopher Nolan for commercialising the Dark Knight in the most pure and respectful to the original spirit, way.

The trailer for the Dark Knight Rises is everything a superhero movie trailer should be.  It shows chaos, destruction, hopelessness, a menacing villain hellbent on ruling the world, and a superhero who is at his weakest with a glint of hope that he will rise... (Dark Knight Rises....duh?).

For the trailer, there are no biases, here.  There is no favouritism.  There is nothing blinding me from embracing a brilliantly entertaining franchise and a trailer that perfectly embodies, communicates and teases the essence of said franchise.


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