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Sunday 7 October 2012

VIEWED: The Dark Knight Rises

My recommendation for this one was... late... and only hermits and smoked salmon socialists haven't seen it, but hey, that's what happens when you take a summer off.  Hollywood, Bollywood and time, stop for no one.

In case your "scroll down" doesn't work...

"For the trailer, there are no biases, here. There is no favouritism. There is nothing blinding me from embracing a brilliantly entertaining franchise and a trailer that perfectly embodies, communicates and teases the essence of said franchise.  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!"

A couple of things:

Firstly, the best Batman film ever made in the history of the world (according to me, so take that with a grain of whatever because, while this blog isn't supposed to be taken seriously, I take my love of comic book movies seriously...and I digress) is The Dark Knight.  I could watch that movie over and over and over.  Secondly, while Christian Bale's Batman voice is the only flaw I can think of, Heath Ledger more than makes up for it.  I never liked Ledger until The Dark Knight.  Most brilliant super villain performance ever.

Bain wasn't quite as all around freaky as Ledger's Joker. The thing about Bain was that he has a story and it was, in a twisted way, compelling.  He had the passion and conviction of a terrorist, but much more in your face menacing in his relentless pursuit of his vision - destruction.  Bain was somewhat of a tragic character and in the end an audience could at least understand him, if not sympathise in some way.

In contrast, the Joker's vision was chaos and anarchy veiled in complete mystery.  We never know who the Joker is or what's his story is and that's what makes him so much more menacing.

The verdict?

I loved The Dark Knight Rises.  Comparison's aside, it was a perfect end to this trilogy.  It completely delivered on the promise that the trailer made: greatness. 

That's a rare and beautiful thing.

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