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Tuesday 23 October 2012


Bond:  Everyone needs a hobby.
Villain (Bardem):  What's yours?
Bond: Resurrection.

I think we have our first potential nominee for a 2013 Beerbohm Award for best line in a trailer.
(For your reference: http://beerbohmtastic.blogspot.ca/2012/03/here-are-your-2012-beerbohm-award.html

I love Bond movies.  I've been watching Bond movies for as long as I've been watching movies.  The one super spy against the super villain trying to take over or destroy the world is one of the most fun action themes in film.  Yes, it has become cliche and has been satirised all the way down to children's cartoons, but every generation has the chance to experience it in its most true form through the franchise:  Bond, James Bond, agent 007.

The Daniel Craig Bond franchise has been really disappointing for me.  Casino Royale was like going to your favourite restaurant and finding out that they've changed the menu. Quantum of Solace was, in my opinion, the worst, most disjointed, Bond film in the history of the franchise.

This is not a slight against Daniel Craig.  As an actor and buff guy, he's fine.  His rough facial features liken him to the old days of rugged Sean Connery and is refreshing from the pretty boy Bond.  Unfortunately, he's had crap stories to work with.  Seriously, how hard can it be?  The franchise has been around since the 60's and there have been very few, if any, real duds, until the last two.

In previous posts I've commented that the Mission Impossible franchise has surpassed the Bond franchise in quality of story, action and plain fun.  And yet...

...the Skyfall trailer (2:34), while it had a mild spoiler - Bond gets out of the chair he's tied in to kick the asses of the bad guys - it was true to the Bond spirit.  We all know that the evil criminal mastermind always captures Bond, ties him to a chair and gloats while revealing his evil plan.  This is the tragic flaw of all Bond criminals: stopping to pat themselves on the back in the middle of a plan.  Is that a criminal version of vanity?  That's another discussion.

So, Bond gets shot, disappears for a few years and comes back (resurrected) because he is the only one who can save the world.  Yeah, it's not original, but no Bond movie really is. It's big explosions and chases and fights and over-the-top villains and... you know what?  That's what Bond movies are and generations of audiences continue to be loyal.

As much as I dislike the current Bond franchise, I liked this trailer.  It reminded me of the old franchise... or maybe it was just the music... ding diddle ling ding, ding ding ding, ding diddle ling ding....

Yes, I'll see it.

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