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Friday 12 October 2012

VIEWED: The Raven

My recommendation for this one was...

"...the trailer for the film was not at all what I expected. Poe is often credited for creating the modern day, logic based detective. Some believe his work spawned Sherlock Holmes and other fictional detectives. The Raven is not about the Poe poem, it's more of the complete works told through a detective story. A detective story about Edgar Allan Poe helping the police find a killer that is killing people in the manner which people die in Poe stories. Kind of cool and creepy.

I don't care if this film draws comparisons to recent Sherlock Holmes films (which I also enjoy), Cusack, Poe and "from the Director of V for Vendetta" (another one of my favourites!) are an easy sell for me to want to see The Raven."

The wife sent me out for some groceries and told me to pop into the video store for some movies.  I saw The Raven on the shelf and said to myself, "self, why haven't you seen this one yet?"

The concept was cool - as described above from the trailer review. The look and feel felt true to the time and there was an implication that the story may or may not have been the lead up to Poe's last days.

While the film itself didn't live up to the concept, or even the promise that the the trailer showed, it was entertaining - to me anyway, not so much to the wife - to relive the climaxes of some of Poe's classic stories.

The only real criticism is that the end credits, both visually and musically, were a complete mismatch for the nature of this film.  Imagine a period piece like Wuthering Heights fading out to Fight Club's end credits and music.  Completely inappropriate and annoying as hell.

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