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Sunday 21 October 2012

VIEWED: Jeff Who Lives at Home

Though the wife and I go to the cinema at least a few times a month and watch a few movies a week at home, we don't often agree on what to watch.  Compromise is how I end up watching movies that I wouldn't normally watch and vice-versa.  She resisted watching The Avengers but ended up seeing it twice on the big screen.  I don't have a similar example for me, yet, but open hearts and open minds usually lead to enlightenment of one form or another...  I can't believe I just wrote that.  Let's pause for a group hug.

My trailer review of Jeff Who Lives at Home said...

Though it seemed a little like a smarter version of Our Idiot Brother, there also seemed to be a certain substance to this film.

Sometimes what seems like an unoriginal story or just a forum for an actor to act like a goof, turns out to surprise you. The trailer for this one, the one without the sales pitch, actually made me want to see the film. That's what a trailer is supposed to do, is it not? Nice job.

Jeff Who Lives at Home did surprise me.  It wasn't a forum for an actor to act like a goof - just the opposite.  It was the story of four unfulfilled lives who, through a sequence of seemingly unrelated events during the course of one day, have their hearts and minds open.  I guess the message is that one day can change a life. 

It wasn't great, but could be a thoughtful little time waster if you're in the mood - as it was for me.

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