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Monday 22 October 2012

Alex Cross

Good cop forced to go beyond the law VS. deranged killer who has pushed him over the brink.  As unoriginal and cliche this theme is, I still like it.

I don't know much about Matthew Fox, other than Seth Rogan telling Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up to tell him he's an "asshole."  Yes, Knocked Up was a pleasantly surprising compromise (please see previous post).

Many people have told me to watch Lost.  Many people whom I respect have praised it. The funniest line I heard describing Lost was: I liked it when it was called Gilligan's Island.  The wife and I did watch the first two episodes on Netflix.  Personally, the fault I found with Lost is the same I found with many of these shows.  While they are good, well-acted, highly entertaining and addictive shows, the only real outcome is when all the mysteries are solved, but then there would be no point in continuing to watch.  That approach does generate a ton of revenue. So, these shows tease us with clues but string us along for many years. It's kind of mean and unfair.  I saw a bumper sticker this morning that said: I'd rather be snorkeling.

I'm sure The Walking Dead will do the same to me.  Dexter, up until last season, delivered every season in a tidy self-contained package without the need for a season ending cliff-hanger AND still left me wanting to see the next season.  Last year's Dexter was an annoying anomaly. Top Gear (U.K.) is just plain brilliant and hilarious, even if you don't like cars....

Oh yeah, Alex Cross.

I heard something on the radio this morning about Alex Cross being a departure for Tyler Perry and something about him cross dressing in his previous movies.  I honestly don't know anything about his previous movies or about him, either.  Yeah, I'm thinking it, too.

The trailer for Alex Cross does look pretty intense.  Matthew Fox looks freaking scary and Tyler Perry seems to suit the cop role well. As I mentioned several hundred words ago, this may be cliche but the cat and mouse deranged killer vs. decent cop game is usually suspenseful, filled with, violence, action and cool stunts. The criticism I have is the same I have for many trailers: it was way too long (almost 3 minutes!) and pretty much walks us through the levels of the game right up until the climax of the film.

While I love these types of action movies, I was put off by the length of the trailer.  That said, I always hope that these films try to delve more into the psyche of the protagonist and the antagonist - beyond the cliche "we are the same."  They never really do and yet I continue to watch these movies... kind of like watching a TV show for years, waiting for the answer to a mystery that will never be shared.

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