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Thursday 18 October 2012

Seven Psychopaths

I hate movie trailers with actor/director commentaries. Sell it with a good trailer, not with some actor/director that I may or may not like trying to suck my... money... If I want special features I'll buy or rent the DVD... oh wait, there is no Blockbuster (please reference: http://beerbohmtastic.blogspot.ca/2011/10/editorial-good-bye-blockbuster.html ) and many are getting movies on-line where there are no "special features."  Maybe this is a way to give us some "special features?" Geez, I just talked myself off a ledge.

Okay.  I feel better.

I had to search for a Seven Psychopaths trailer that didn't have commentary and finally found one.  Pretty awesome cast.  I never liked Colin Farrell until I saw In Bruges.  He was great in it.  Martin McDonagh, who directed In Bruges, also directed this one.  That's a good sign.

I've been to Bruges.  It isn't "crap" like Colin's character kept stating in the movie.  My friend and I drove there from Brussels while on a mini-European road trip.  We parked the car in the old section and walked around.  We stopped at a quaint little cafe, had frites (fries) with mayo and one too many pints of Hoegaarden.  Then we spent four hours trying to find the car - that was the only "crap" part but it wasn't because of Bruges.  We were drunk and stupid, and we realized thankfully that walking for four hours helped get the alcohol out of our system.

Sam Rockwell is a clown.  I really like him. He plays the same goofy bastard in almost everything and does it so well.  I think my favourite Rockwell movie is, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

In my mind, Woody Harrelson will always be the best damn - and funniest - zombie killer in the movies (with all due respect to Shawn of the Dead).  I love the comedic bad ass that he plays so well.

Christopher Walken!  He is becoming an icon, of sorts.  I can't think of a scene I've seen him in that he doesn't steal.  Come on, the wristwatch scene from Pulp Fiction?  The Dennis Hopper scene in True Romance? Every scene he's in in, Catch Me If You Can?  I can't think of another actor right now who does comedy so perfectly dead pan.

So, I've established some man-love.

The trailer for Seven Psychopaths is very funny.  It's the story of some nobodies who accidentally steal a mobster's prized doggy.  I say "doggy" because it's a shih-tzu.

In my neighbourhood I often see large, masculine looking men walking little purse puppies.  The big man with a little dog image is kind of funny, don't you think?

While the trailer was more than two-minutes, it really just showed a series of gags, f-bombs and promises of violence without (seemingly) taking itself too seriously.  It showed great chemistry among the cast, especially Rockwell and Farrell, and it just looked like a funny, entertaining movie.  I just hope that all the funny scenes aren't wasted in the trailer.

Yet, the warning on CinemaClock stated: Extreme violence, gory scenes, nudity, sexual content.

So, actor's commentary isn't necessary to suck you in because the trailer sucks you in; but with the comedy. Then the film (I trust) will punch you in the face with shocking and graphic violence.  That could work.

I'm sold.  Good trailer.

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