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Monday 29 October 2012

VIEWED: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

My trailer review for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter said:

"You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a dude more righteous than Abe.  If he can end slavery, why not kill vampires, too?  I'm too curious to miss this one."

This was the other movie I rented on the weekend, I got The Artist for the wife and this one for me.

For me, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was entertaining but a bit underwhelming.  The wife said it was, "cheesy."

I didn't think that, but there was a bit of a disconnect between the film's look, feel and mood, and the way the story was communicated.  What I mean is, despite Sleepy Hollow being a very dark film, there was a subtle undertone of humour that Johnny Depp delivered perfectly.  In contrast Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter felt kind of like a film that wasn't supposed to take itself too seriously but the cast didn't get the memo.

Either way, I love when fiction and fact are brought together for a twist on history.  And while I maintain that there isn't a more righteous dude than Abe, there are also more righteous vampire movies than this one.

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