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Friday 19 October 2012

The Paperboy

Here is a perfect example of a spoiler trailer.  It was chugging along nicely, letting the story and the character dynamics unfold in an interesting and entertaining way, but it should have stopped shy of two minutes.

Isn't it better to be entertained by a trailer and want to see the film wholeheartedly then to be annoyed by the trailer and have second thoughts?  But that's just me...

Decent cast, though.

This is a very cool role for John Cusack.  I like him.  He's believable most of the time. Sometimes he's simply believable as Cusack playing a character but that still counts for believable, right?  The only other film I can remember when he looked this scraggly was in, Being John Malkovitch.  For the entire film both he and Cameran Diaz looked like they just woke up from a wind storm.

What happened to Nicole Kidman?  She was such a natural beauty.  She's had so much work done that I hardly recognize the actress I had a crush on from her early films like Dead Calm and To Die For.  She's a good actress and has been in some decent films. 

Matthew McConaughey plays southern lawyer types (yes, I know he's a reporter in this one) very well.  The only movie I really, really liked him in, beyond the southern lawyer types that he plays so well, was Reign of Fire.  He was a serious bad ass in that one.

Other than hearing the name, Zack Efron, I don't know anything about him, nor have I seen him in anything.  I don't have cable so I watch The Walking Dead, Dexter and Top Gear U.K. on-line - that's about all I can commit to.  Of course, I watch a lot of movie trailers. All I can say is that he looks really short in this movie.

Past the 1:52 mark of the trailer for The Paperboy, we see that Cusack gets out of prison, apparently kidnaps the girl then has a violent confrontation with the "paperboys." Gee, who do you think is going to win and get the girl, the criminal Cusack or the young guy who's name makes me think of Saffron?

For the first 1:52 of the trailer I was thinking that I'd like to see the film.  After the 1:52 mark, I said to myself, "self, no mystery, no rush."

I might get around to seeing The Paperboy, but not too soon.

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