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Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Nixer

I reviewed this trailer for two reasons:

1) These guys are now following me on Twitter.  Thank you.
2) The trailer was only 1:28 which means that it should be the ideal length of a movie trailer, which also means it likely does not require a "spoiler alert" warning at the start.

In the first scene of the trailer we learn that the small time crooks want to steal money so that they could start their own loan sharking business...  I'm not sure why that made me laugh.   I think because it brought to mind an SCTV parody of a classic Canadian film called, Goin' Down the Road.  The actual story is about two down and out Maritimers who drive to Toronto in search of a better life.   In the SCTV parody they go to Toronto because there are a lot of good doctorin' and lawyerin' jobs available...

Most heist movies are about the crooks pulling off one last big heist and then retiring, or coming out of retirement to pull off one final heist.  The point is to be able to leave the life of crime.  The lead hoods in The Nixer are pulling off a small heist in order to fund their entry into criminal activity at a higher level.  No grandiose aspirations here.

At first glance it's a very typical story of a heist gone wrong - you know, there's an unexpected twist, finding drugs when the expectation was cash.   The drugs belong to a higher level gangster and the small time hoods are in a heap of trouble.  This is a very common and apparently simple theme.

That said, the simply stated motivation of the crime helped me to see past the simplicity of the trailer.  I get the feeling that The Nixer will not be just another low budget pointless cliche.  While the story communicated in the trailer may be cliche, there's something gritty about this film and, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I believe there is more substance than the trailer shares. 

Isn't that what a trailer should do?  You know, tease? Nice job, Nixer.  I look forward to seeing it... I just don't know when or where.

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