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Wednesday 7 September 2011

Straw Dogs

This is clearly a remake of the 1971 film of the same name. The remake poster is an exact copy of the original poster.  The only difference is the new one adds the text: Everyone has a breaking point...

I've made reference, in various forms, to the following statement: It's better to remake a crap movie than to ruin a good one by remaking it poorly. 

Let's look at remakes for a second:
The Longest Yard (1974): Great movie! Remade as a soccer movie in 2001 with Vinnie Jones (UK production). It was a good spin on the classic.  Remade again in 2005 with Adam Sandler.  I love Adam Sandler but the movie was lame. Omega Man (1971) ok movie for its time. It was a last man on earth, zombie-type movie.  Sort of remade beautifully as I am Legend (2007). Very entertaining film and what isn't Will Smith good in?  The remake list may not be endless but it is on-going.  Are we really out of original ideas or is there just a shortage? 

So, in the 2011 version of Straw Dogs, is James Marsden tougher than Dustin Hoffman was in the original?  Well, yes.  Hoffman is an icon. Marsden was kind of cool, but an emotionally annoying little bitch as Cyclops in the X-Men series.   That said, is James Marsden going to play this like Joe Don Baker from the Walking Tall movies (not the crappy Rock remake)? Or, even better, as Charles Bronson from... well... any Charles Bronson film?  Maybe the question should be: will Marsden be believable as the mild-mannered family man who has been pushed to his breaking point? Maybe if he puts on those red Oakley sunglasses and spins around while whining that his girlfriend has a crush on Wolverine. 

I watched the trailer for each version back-to-back.  The motives for the harassment seem different, but the concept of the local yahoos terrorizing the new-in-towns is a very disturbing and common theme.  I didn't mind the remake trailer and I know that, as in all movies of this nature, when the yahoos get their just desserts, the audience will cheer. 

Still not sure, though, if I'll be in that audience.

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