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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Red State

I reviewed this one prematurely last month.... now that it finally hit the theatres, I watched the trailer again and have updated the review....

Trailer starts off like a teen flick and I'm thinking, hmm, Kevin, where are you going with this kind of half expecting Jason Mewes to appear... then...

BAM! Kick in the balls! Holy crap! This is a serious trailer for a creepy movie. I'm thinking Rob Zombie meets Waco and Frailty seasoned with Texas Chainsaw Massacre... but then John Goodman and Kevin Pollack pop up for some comic relief, then BAM for another kick, then back to Goodman and Pollack.

John Goodman was so sad and creepy in Barton Fink. Pollack gave me an autographed picture that told me to "stay cool." Jeremy Hotz must have told him I was cool or something because why would he write that without actually meeting me? You're cool, too, Mr. Pollack.

I sat riveted to the screen when I watched An Evening with Kevin Smith.  I loved the giant spider Jon Peters Superman story.

This looks like a departure from what we've come to expect from Kevin Smith. I have no doubt he had a blast making this one.  I just hope I have the stomach to enjoy watching it.

Big screen.

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