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Tuesday 27 September 2011


Pretty intense trailer and subject matter.

Margaret is a moral struggle.  Putting a teenager - and it's cool how Anna at 29 years old can still get away with playing a teenager- through the moral dilemma that is this film is an interesting examination.  Let's face it, teenagers, with their sense of entitlement, invincibility, roller-coaster hormones and general idiocy combined with family, social and environmental pressures is enough of a struggle.  I often tell teenagers that these years are probably the most difficult and if they can survive their teenage years and end up on a good path, the rest of their lives will seem much easier.  The problem is, as Mark Twain said: youth is wasted on the young.

Anna Paquin is a very good actress.  For me, the entire True Blood thing sucked...  I was so annoyed with the trailer park vampire soft core porn thing that after the first season - which was viewed with my usual morbid fascination - I couldn't take any more.  Lately, Matt Damon seems to have taken on more mature roles.  He's a very talented actor - very believable.  Ruffalo is pretty cool. My only comment is that this role seems similar to the one he played in Reservation Road.

The trailer was good.  It really showed conflict and struggle without giving away the outcome. It was compelling, interesting and I want to know how the situation unfolds and whether it gets resolved.

Honey, guess what we're seeing next?

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