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Wednesday 14 September 2011

The Killer Elite

So the story isn't that original, but it's based on "truth" so I'll let it slide...  You know, it's another, "just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in..."  And "you gotta come out of retirement for one more job..." And, "you're the only guy that can save him..."  Pretty cliché but...

The trailer was fun because of the interaction between Statham and Owen.

Statham is a badass.  In almost every movie I've seen him in since Snatch, he plays the same character... but damn, that character is f**king cool!  The exception, and perhaps his funniest role, was in Mean Machine, the U.K. knock off of The Longest Yard.  In The Killer Elite, however, he looks to continue his serious badassary. 

Clive Owen is a different animal.  He is a very good actor.  My friend, Bill, worked with him on a film he shot in Toronto.  Bill was amazed at how professional, prepared and personable Clive Owen was.  Not surprising. There is something understated, almost reserved about Owen, so when he displays extreme emotion on screen it can be unnerving, sometimes even menacing.  He's a different type of badass. Croupier is one of my favourite movies. You're sensing some man-love here?  Yeah, Owen is awesome.

Having Owen as the antagonist badass to Statham's protagonist badass will be fun to watch as both are great at what they do.  What can you say about De Niro that he hasn't already been praised for?  Who doesn't love him? He's an icon. 

With all the love in this review, I have no choice but to see this movie.

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