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Thursday 1 September 2011

The Debt

About halfway through the more than two minute trailer, I feared it would blow its load and give it all away. It's just that the first half of the trailer is so well done that I was expecting the usual. As I've said before, I love being wrong.

The trailer was masterful. "The secret" that the three agents keep is not exposed and the suspense builds until the end of the trailer, while giving very little away. Whoever cut the trailer should cut all trailers. Nice work trailer cutter.

Everyone loves Helen Mirren. She's a solid actress. I've seen Ciaran Hinds in many movies and I've always liked him. I IMDB'd him and discovered he was in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. Many years ago my mother took me to see the stage version of Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. There was such hype around this production and the audience was a buzz. When the show started I was floored by the fact that the opening music used a drum machine and not a live percussionist. Even to my young percussionist ears, it was obvious. I'm not sure if that was the only reason, but I remember hating every cheesy, cliché moment of it and marveling at how many people were duped by the smoke and mirror nonsense of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Did I mention I was full of angst as a young person?

Back to The Debt...

I love movies about Israeli's kicking ass. Though I don't always believe in revenge and debate retribution and retaliation with friends, movies like Marathon Man, The Boys from Brazil, Munich and the Israeli made, Walk on Water, often depict the personal struggles and inner conflicts of the agents sent to exact revenge on behalf of their country. It shows a necessary human side because in the Judeo-Christian realm, we are taught to "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others what you would have them do to you." It's the age old conflicting message between church and state and leads to inner turmoil that can be more damaging than the external battles.

The Debt trailer delivers on all levels. I hope the actual film delivers on at least some, because based on the trailer; it looks like a great film.

Yes, I very much want to see this one.

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