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Tuesday 13 September 2011


I just have to say a few things before I review the trailer for the upcoming Ryan Gosling movie, Drive...

I liked it when it was called The Transporter.  This movie is The Transporter meets F/X (the movie).  When did Ryan Gosling become an action star?  Does every actor dream of kicking ass on screen?

I feel better, now.

Ryan Gosling is a superb, versatile actor.  Albert Brooks is usually, smart, neurotic and funny, but he's kind of scary in Drive.  Ron Perlman is Hellboy and you don't mess with Hellboy.

The Transporter was cool and I like Jason Statham and the Audi A8.  Clive Owen drove the BMW line in a very cool series of short films. My favourite of the series (though all were very good) was directed by Guy Ritchie and featured Madonna.  YouTube it, you'll love it.  More on Statham and Owen in the next review...

Car chase movies are fun. Though the trailer didn't really wow me, I'm sure there will be enough action to keep me entertained.

Could be a good, guy movie.  Probably a rental.

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