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Tuesday 20 September 2011


I watched this trailer twice because I wasn't sure if it was a remake of something or a hybrid of something or a rip-off of something else.  True Believer and A Civil Action were the first movies that popped into my head, but aside from the courtroom drama theme, not that similar.  I recalled that the Oliver Platt character in the Hank Azaria series, Huff, was a drug addict lawyer.

I've known a few lawyers in my day that have struggled with addiction.  It's kind of scary to think that the person defending you may end up in jail on drug charges.  The drug addict lawyers that I knew were able to get help and get off the drugs.  As far as I know, they are clean today.

So, from the Puncture trailer, the drug theme seems prevalent.  There's the lawyer, Chris Evans (Captain America) and a drug that nurses are using, which seems to be at the centre of the conflict.  Throw in the clich├ęs about the small law firm (including the partner who is the voice of reason) that doesn't have the capacity to take on a big case, the apparent soul-less lawyer who has found his sense of justice, morality and/or ethics through this current, difficult case, add a large dose of conspiracy through a Pharma Company and/or government, and/or private sector conglomerate and you have the makings of an Erin Brockovich... I mean a dangerous, suspenseful journey that angers and frustrates the audience only to end up with a feel good ending.

Since all the Blockbusters in my region are closing down and physically "renting" movies looks to be dying fast,  I should stop saying "rental" as I believe this one might be.   Netflix doesn't get new films anywhere near the DVD release times (at least in Canada). 

I just had a crazy thought.... what if the major studios are behind the websites that show pirated movies?  What if they were trying to put Blockbuster out of business in order to increase the traffic to the cinemas? What if, now that Blockbuster is gone, the studios will try to drive more traffic to their own sites and allow people to view new releases?  Actually, this theory sounds kind of dumb... 
Holy crap, I just went to the Universal Studios website and sure enough, you can watch on-demand or download...... hmmm... conspiracy theories everywhere and not enough proof for any - unless they are based on a true story like.... oh yeah... Puncture.
Despite my ramblings, this does look mildly entertaining.  I'll likely see it at the Rainbow or on-line.

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