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Sunday 25 September 2011

Dream House

When I read the synopsis I thought, I liked it when it was called The Amityville Horror. I moved on to the trailer, but for some reason it wasn't streaming well so, I searched for another source. I found a headline in my search that said, "trailer spoils movie..." Big surprise! So, I ended up watching the 30-second TV spot.

Daniel Craig is hit and miss for me. Hated his Bond (the crap stories didn't help) but liked him in other things I've seen him in. Rachel Weisz is always great. Naomi Watts is good, too. My question is: why would good actors take on roles in crappy films?

I'm not saying that this is a crappy film because I haven't seen it, but how many movies have been made about "dream houses" gone wrong?

So from the trailer, the house is either haunted by a (still alive) psycho killer who kills people who live in the house because maybe when he was a kid he suffered abuse there and then it got repossessed so if his family can't have it than nobody can...?

Maybe it's the house and it possessed the killer and it can only possess one person at a time - until that person is dead...?

Maybe the killer is a ghost and kills people in the house because of my first guess...?

Maybe there is no killer and it's the house that kills people...?

Maybe Daniel Craig becomes possessed by the house and kills (or tries to kill) his family like in The Shining...?

You know what? 

I don't really feel compelled enough to want to see this film.

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