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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Apollo 18

I've now viewed two excellent trailers in a row. 

So the premise here is that moon missions were stopped after Apollo 17, but recent found "evidence" proved that there was a "secret" Apollo 18th mission.  Apparently there is actual footage from the Apollo 18 mission, which may or may not have taken place in the early 1970s.  Moon missions were stopped after that because of what allegedly happened to Apollo 18...  I love that blurred line between fact and fiction. It's both cool and creepy.

Movies based on the actual U.S. space program are often pretty cool.  Whether they take a patriotic approach like The Right Stuff, a factual dipiction like Apollo 13 or a conspiracy theory approach like Capricorn One, I find these types of films generally entertaining. 

I've often wondered how many people have actually seen Capricorn One.  In a nutshell: three astronauts are about to take off for a Mars mission.  At about the 5 minute mark in the countdown to lift-off, they are asked to exit the rocketship.  The rocket lifts off, un-manned. They are whisked away to a desert location where they are told that they had to be pulled from the rocket because mission control discovered a flaw in the heat shield (or something like that) and they were at risk of not surviving the trip.  They are then "asked" to cooperate in the staging of a Mars landing that will be filmed in a studio at their desert location.  They cooperate, the un-manned rocket blows up.  They realize that they are the only link to the truth and will be killed to cover the conspiracy and...   It was very entertaining.

My point is that conspiracy movies, whether they take place on earth or in outer space are fun and feed into the thousands of conspiracy theories we've all heard.  There seem to be many films out with this theme.

I sometimes wonder if governments are organized enough to pull off such elaborate conspiracies. 

Anyhow, I liked the Apollo 18 trailer.

I hope to see this one on the big screen.


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  1. "Found Footage" now being a genre is like planning your own surprise party. If you really want to see a great "Found Footage" flick, check out the far superior "Trollhunter". Its original even for this played out style.