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Monday 12 November 2012

VIEWED: Dark Shadows

My trailer review for Dark Shadows said...

"Depp also made me think of Count Chocula. I haven't seen Count Chocula in the cereal section of the supermarket in years. The other day I bought Lucky Charms. I wonder if Count Chocula was taken off the market because it caused blindness in laboratory bats.

I love the way the trailer looked and felt, and Depp's comedic timing is usually brilliant. Add the solid supporting cast and a story that I have no doubt Burton had fun with, and it's definitely a film that I'll see, either big screen or rental."

Well, I literally stumbled upon Dark Shadows in the video store where I stopped after grocery shopping.  I still haven't seen Count Chocula.

Dark Shadows had all the element of an entertaining film but it didn't deliver. It felt like blue balls; much anticipation for no climax. A lava cake with no cream filling. No prize in the Cracker Jack box. "Full of sound and fury signifying nothing...."

Sorry Johnny, but I still love you.  And so does the wife.

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