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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Below Zero

Here are my top 5 scary movies that take place in snowy settings:

1) The Shining
2) The Thing
3) Misery
4) Ravenous
5) Black Christmas

To be honest, those are the only ones that I can think of that I've seen... other than The Grey, which was okay but I really wanted the wolves to win.  Oh, and Fargo, which wasn't really a scary movie, just awesome.

What makes cold, snowy setting so effective in scary movies is often the choice one has to make to either die by the hands of the killer or to die by the hands of nature - neither sounds pleasant.

The trailer for Below Zero was a bit too long.  It reminded me of The Shining meets The Secret Window.  It's about a writer who writes in, literally, a cold lonely place, where madness appears to set in and he is fighting the demon (personal?)/killer that he is writing about to the point where it's a cat and mouse game.  I think the cat and mouse game is where the trailer lost me. 

So the question is:  Does cabin fever set in and he is fighting a battle in his mind or is the killer/demon somehow conjured and is real?   In The Shining, the hotel was haunted and it affected everyone, though Nicholson was the one possessed, so the threat was real.  In The Secret Window, it was all in Depp's mind because he turns out to be the killer, the threat was in his mind. 

So, after seeing a trailer I ask myself, "self, did the trailer tease me enough to want to see the film?"  I'm not sure about Below Zero because it kind of left me cold.... 

The jury is still out for me... I'm going to watch the trailer again.

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