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Monday 5 November 2012

Blood Fare

I vaguely remember a song called "Don't pay the Ferryman."  The only line in the song that I remember is "don't pay the ferryman until he gets you to the other side."  It's funny the crap that I retain when I can't even remember what I had for breakfast...

Blood Fare is an independent film (thanks for the follow).  From what I understand from the trailer, it's a ghost story.  I like ghost stories.

One of the best ghost stories in my recent memory was a Korean film called, R-Point. It was about a platoon of Korean soldiers during the Vietnam war, who were on a mission to recover the dog-tags of their dead comrades somewhere in the Vietnamese jungle.  I cite this because it was an unconventional ghost story that went beyond the usual haunted house theme.

In Blood Fare you must pay the ferryman in order TO get to the other side or be in a state of limbo.  The "fare" to get to the other side in Blood Fare seemed to be a coin or token of some kind.  The trailer opens with a civil war scene and it appears that a dead soldier cannot pay his fare and thus, a sort of curse begins. I'm not sure but it looks like he has to kill others (maybe collect souls?) in order to cross over.

To my untrained film eye, the trailer did have an independent feel to it, that is to say it didn't look like it was shot on "film."  I'm not technically versed in film, but maybe someone has insight into the type of film it was shot on, digital video or something?

Anyhow, I found the story itself interesting. While I found that the blood and gore in the trailer could have been toned down, I like the fact that there were no real spoilers.  There was a legend, a curse and the challenge to stop the curse before more lives are lost - or maybe the curse ends once a quota is achieved?  As a trailer, it teased and so I think it hit the mark.

I understand that Blood Fare is on the festival circuit now.  Good luck.

The trailer can be viewed at http://www.warriorentertainment.com/

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