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Monday 19 November 2012

Deadly Intent

Deadly Intent is an independent thriller.  Thanks for following...

While I've only recently started viewing and reviewing independently made films (well, their trailers, anyway) I am constantly amazed and pleasantly surprised by the quality of them.  Quality of production, story, acting.... everything.  There will be no shortage of nominees for a Beerbohm Award for Best Independent Film Trailer. 

Deadly Intent is about a young boy who's father is a soldier.  The father dies (in military action?) and the mother and boy are devastated.  This happens so often and it's such a terrible tragedy.  I can't imagine how difficult it must be for a young family to lose a father (or mother for that matter).  Circumstances aside, how does a family recover from such a loss? How does a young boy cope when his father dies and his mother is completely distraught?

Following the tragic loss, Deadly Intent (trailer) takes us down an even darker path than imaginable.  The young boy becomes engulfed by his grief and starts to withdraw.  His mother's own grief prevents her from noticing.  So far, normal reactions to such a loss.

The trailer then shows the young boy acting out death scenes, possibly hallucinating, and things around the house start become damaged or broken.  What isn't clear (which makes this a good teaser) is whether the boy is suffering from post-traumatic stress and is acting out violently or, as is slightly implied by the trailer, he has become possessed and there are stronger, more sinister forces at play.

Either way, movies that deal with children that experience trauma or hardship always make me feel sad and angry.  It isn't right that our most innocent often have to deal with the greatest injustices.  As they are often not emotionally equipped to deal with such situations, the damage done can last a lifetime.  Sometimes I wonder if "healing" from childhood trauma is really possible and, sadly, is healing only for the privileged - better access to help? I digress, again.

The trailer for Deadly Intent took common subject matter and appeared to give it an even darker spin.  It created emotion, clearly struck a chord and, I liked how it left questions unanswered.

Good trailer. I look forward to seeing the film.

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