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Saturday 17 November 2012

The 2nd Annual Beerbohm Awards

It's time to think about (for me anyway) the 2nd Annual Beerbohm Awards, in recognition of movie trailers.

Please note that the Beerbohm is awarded only to movie trailers (that I've seen) and are not an award for the actual movie.  The Oscars are for that...

This year I will be adding two new categories: 

Best Independent Film Trailer 

Best Documentary Trailer.

More details below the impressive hardware...

The other Beerbohm Award categories are:

Best Trailer

Worst Trailer

Best Music or Song in a Trailer

Best One-Liner in a Trailer

Worst Spoiler Trailer

Most Misleading Trailer

Please send in your nominations before January 31, 2013.  In February, readers/followers will be given the opportunity to vote.  Yes, YOU are the academy, unless the wife overrules.

Either comment on the blog or email your nominations to beerbohmtastic@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading and following and sending stuff and for loving movies (and trailers) as much as I do.

Here are last year's winners: http://beerbohmtastic.blogspot.ca/2012/03/here-are-your-2012-beerbohm-award.html


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