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Friday 16 November 2012


Thanks for sending this and thanks for following, Nicki.

Sometimes when I see a trailer, images and judgements pop into my mind.  Thoughts like, "I liked it when it was called..." or "I can't suspend my disbelief..." or "terrible acting or story...." or "they just gave the whole thing away, why bother seeing the film..."

Almost none of that happened during the 2 minute trailer for, Consequence.

Consequence grabs you from the opening scene (of the trailer).  A young woman begins talking to the audience.  She is real, sincere, charming, direct and her honesty on screen caught me off guard - in the best possible way.

During the trailer, a philosophical question is asked:  What would you do if you could have one day without the "dreaded consequences?"

We begin with shoplifting and embark on a montage of actions and performances of sorts by the women who greeted us.  The actions begin as fun and becomes progressively darker, some even strange.  The beauty of this is that we witness societal conventions (laws of man and morality) deconstruct, and the trailer never tells us why.  Certainly we can speculate - last day on earth etc. - but in the trailer, the "why" doesn't seem to matter as much as the "what" she will do.  True teaser!

Didn't Milton imply in, "Paradise Lost" that being bad is more fun than being good? Yet, how far will one go "without consequence?"

The "almost none" thought mentioned earlier refers to the final scene of the trailer when I thought of Chan Wook Park's, Lady Vengeance.  A story where the families of victims are given an opportunity to exact a form of justice from a killer.  Not a bad comparison at all, it is a great examination of humans.

With the final scene of the trailer in mind, clearly the elimination of consequence enables our heroin to take back what may have been stolen from her, emotionally and/or physically.  I have no doubt that we've all wished we could live without consequence for similar reasons.  Maybe that's why Dexter is so popular, but I digress.

The trailer for Consequence was beautifully shot and brilliantly communicated. It not only teases and entertains, but makes one think.  This is pretty powerful stuff.  I can't wait to see this film.

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