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Saturday 24 November 2012

The Last Straw

Thanks for sending this, Jeff.

The Last Straw is a true story, independent film by Jeff Renfew (www.laststrawfilms.com)

Everybody has a story.  Good, bad, happy, sad and often interesting.  Is my story or your story interesting to everyone, though? Maybe.  The story, however, is always interesting to the story teller and the story teller hopes that others will find it interesting or at least relate in some way.

While everybody has a story, few are fortunate enough to write about it; fewer actually have the opportunity to make a film about a life.  Must the life be significant (celebrity, athlete etc...) or is the actual story more important?  A universal message? A disturbing message? Inspiration?  

While there is some truth to what I say and yes, we can say it's "all relative", but some "true" stories are just bizarre and actions sometimes seem almost random. 

The trailer for The Last Straw wasn't really a trailer.  The film is posted on the website and I'm told that it's in ten minute segments.  I watched the first segment and I must say I am conflicted.

The production value was basic and it seemed more like a home movie than an actual film.  These days with "found footage" and "documentary style" techniques, I guess you could make it work.  As the story began to unfold I wasn't really sure where it was going.  And then, something bizarre and seemingly random occurred and, as my eyes widened and I swallowed saliva build up, I uttered the name, "Jesus."

I'm not sure where the film can go from here and, though I only watched about ten minutes, I can't imagine any closure.  The motivation of human acts are sometimes obvious and sometimes remain a mystery, thus leaving only speculation. 

If there's a next segment, I'm sure I'll watch it.

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