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Friday 30 November 2012

The Other

The Other is an Independent film.

The trailer was really a short teaser, only 30 seconds.  It appears to be one man's internal struggle with external choices.  The only dialogue is a voice-over at the very beginning of the trailer: This was never about death, this was always about life.

Then it's a man and his "machine" of sorts and what looks to be his experiments.  There is what appears to be hope, then pain, then more pain, then apparent madness. It's a true teaser because very little is given, let alone given away.  The visuals were kind of cool and the music was perfect.  I watched the teaser twice and disjointed thoughts popped randomly into my head. It was like the answers were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't articulate them. 

I had to cheat.  I had to read the synopsis, which is not really cheating because in the early days of Beerbohmtastic I occasionally reviewed a film based on its synopsis.  Yeah, I know, it's even sillier than trailer reviews but again, I digress.

Once I read the synopsis for The Other, I watched the trailer again and the disjointed thoughts became clearer thoughts.  This is the order of my thoughts: doctor/scientist discovers he is terminally ill.  He somehow discovers a way to cure/slow down his illness, the procedure is both painful and may or may not alter his genetic make-up.  Altering his genetic make-up may cause a Jeckyll & Hyde effect.  His choice is certain death or live as a monster (of sorts).

I liked the trailer for a few reasons.  I always prefer when a trailer gives away very little with interesting visuals and makes me curious enough to seek answers.  Yeah, I'm odd that way.

Cool teaser trailer.  I'll see this film.

Check it out here:  http://www.other-themovie.com

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