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Saturday 26 January 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty is the ninth of nine films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. As the films are listed alphabetically on the Oscar website, reviews will be in alphabetical order.

Osama Bin Laden is the face of the evil behind 9-11 and the subject of a manhunt that lasted 10 years and cost billions of dollars. 

So, why make Zero Dark Thirty? Is it to remind us that one man was behind the planning of a terrible attack on American soil and killing him will make things right?  Not likely.

We know he is eventually found and killed. 

So, why make Zero Dark Thirty?  Is it to help with closure because the details of the 10 year, billion dollar plan were never shared with the public?

We know that during the 10 years following 9-11, the Al-Qaeda movement hasn't lost momentum.  It's still there.  It is still organizing.  It still has a mandate to destroy the infidels - which is basically everyone.

So, why make Zero Dark Thirty?  Is it to show us that it wasn't easy to track down a guy in the desert and there were all sorts of challenges, both political and otherwise and that revenge was finally exacted?

If Al-Qaeda feels justified in committing acts of murder and justifies other actions of violence by calling them retaliation (which is what we call revenge), then won't any act of violence just create more violence in return?

So, why make Zero Dark Thirty? To show that the west has won something?

I can't see any winners here. People continue to die and the trillions of dollars spent on the war on terror should have been spent on preventing and/or helping the people of America keep their homes and jobs: the economic crisis can be linked to a military obsession that, arguably, bankrupted a country.

So, why make Zero Dark Thirty? So talented writers and film makes can paint a perspective of modern history and maybe win an Oscar?

I hope not.

While the trailer was entertaining...in between moments where I was annoyed... I just kept thinking that no story, no matter how compelling can justify such a colossal waste of money... On many fronts, I guess.

I don't care how good this movie is or is supposed to be.  I have no desire to see it.

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