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Tuesday 15 January 2013


Argo is the second of nine films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.  As the films are listed alphabetically on the Oscar website, reviews will be in alphabetical order.

The Canadian Football League's Toronto team is called the Argonauts.  Anywhere in the world, at any given time, some Canadian at a sporting event is screaming, "ARRRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOS..."  A buddy of mine was at a soccer match in Mexico City and, during a lull in the action, heard someone from across the 100,000+ seat arena scream, "ARRRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOS..."

Canadians are a strange and wonderful lot.  They have quietly supported both war and peace efforts whose roots were based in freedom and democracy.  Unsung heroes, perhaps? Or just trying to do the right thing? Or just as full of shit as everyone else?

Ben Affleck.  He's been in some good films and some duds. I often wonder about his strength as an actor because his characters often seem the same - kind of Affleck playing Affleck.  Though sometimes it's hard to tell because, more often than not, he's surrounded by strong supporting casts.  Hmmm... I guess it doesn't matter if he's a good actor or not because he is clearly very smart for surrounding himself with talent.  I guess then, that the Ben Affleck as an actor question is irrelevant.  So, what about Argo?

I know there's been much hype about this film, but I've tried not to pay attention so I could view the trailer with as open a mind as I could possibly have...

I don't remember anything about the "true story" but I can say that the trailer was very entertaining.  According to Beerbohmtastic, a movie trailer doesn't need to be longer than 1:20.  Very few 2:00 minute + trailers are good.  The problem is that they just give away too much and then there's no reason to see the film.  Argo was an entertaining 2:34.

The trailer for Argo set up the story so well that one didn't need to know the history. It was interesting, exciting and amusing.  There was a nice combination of suspense, foreshadowing and what a trailer is supposed to do.... tease, peak interest, and make you want to see the film!  And, Affleck was very convincing even though he has a good supporting cast...

When I like a trailer, I will see the movie.  I really liked this trailer.

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