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Thursday 3 January 2013

The Guilt Trip

When I was a kid my friend Karen used to say, "why don't you just call a travel agent and book me a guilt trip."

Karen's brother, Paul, always had the best Halloween costumes.  One year he put on an orange garbage bag, dark glasses and carried a briefcase.  He was "agent orange."  Another year, Paul dressed as a ninja. On his head, though, was a black bandanna with a Star of David on it.  When asked, Paul would say, "I'm Bruce Lee-bowitz, NIN-JEW.  Paul is Jewish so it was okay.

Guilt is not just reserved for Catholics or Jews, though they are the two religions that guilt is more commonly associated with.

The comparison of guilt was defined nicely here: http://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/2655/

Catholic guilt:
Being a good Catholic is about many things. It’s living in a constant state of guilt. It’s having trouble saying the word ‘vagina’ without cringing. It’s a voice in the deepest chamber of your heart reminding you just how disappointing you are and always will be. (Christopher Curtis)

Jewish guilt:
...kind of have to assume that a) anything I do represents the entire worldwide Jewish community, and b) anything I can do might result in the total obliteration of the Jewish people, so c) feel really badly about everything before I even do anything. (Adam Kovac) 

The trailer for The Guilt Trip basically tells the story of a a man about to embark on a road trip and being guilted into taking his mother with him.  The guilt continues throughout the trip.  Hence the title. It was kind of funny if you understand the guilt.  If not, it was a Jewish mother being annoying and her son being annoyed by her until he understands where it's all coming from and then accepts it.  

Barbara Streisand is an icon.  I will never forgive Seth Rogan for absolutely butchering my favourite "anti" superhero, The Green Hornet.  I watched it again on Netflix over the holidays only to confirm how disrespectful Rogan was to the spirit of Britt Reid. I've liked Rogan in other things and in The Guilt Trip he seems to suit the role of guilted Jewish son, well.

Otherwise, the trailer did very little for me. I doubt I'll see The Guilt Trip on the big screen.

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