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Monday 21 January 2013

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is the sixth of nine films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. As the films are listed alphabetically on the Oscar website, reviews will be in alphabetical order.

I like trailers that have no dialogue, but then they aren't eligible for a Beerbohm Award for Best Line in a Trailer.  Maybe there should be a category for best silent trailer... or better yet, best trailer that should have been silent...

I never saw Ang Lee's, Brokeback Mountain.  Not that there's anything wrong with it. Larry David wrote a funny piece on why he refused to see it.  Something to the effect of, he thought he might like it.  My goofy side thought that the trailer for Life of Pi was like Brokeback Mountain on the ocean except Jake Gyllenhaall was Pi and Heath Ledger was the tiger.  I expressed this to the wife and she smiled and said, "you're such a goof."  See?

I'd heard about the book.  Several people described it to me and it really did sound interesting and original - wow, I don't often say interesting and original about anything.

The trailer for Life of Pi shows a shipwreck and follows the survivors and their life rafts.  The survivors are Pi and a tiger. I think there were others in the book, but I'm not sure.

So, the occupants of brokeback life raft must form a bond in order to survive.

The trailer that I watched was around two minutes and, as I mentioned, it told a story without words.  The story was captivating, interesting and yes, seemed original.

As trailers go, The Life of Pi was a winner.

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